“Tillie the Frog” is a registered trademark. Copyrighted by Jessica M Destefano. All rights reserved.

Tillie the homeless frog is not only a delightful frog figurine, but she also represents the eternal optimist. Tillie lost her home when they plowed in her pond to build a shopping mall. Now she is homeless. But Tillie is no ordinary frog. She is an eternal optimist. She gets by with her froglosophies. Her most famous one is: “Your dream may be a hop away so never give up ‘til you croak!”

Each figurine comes with a Tillie froglosophy. And with each Tillie sold a donation goes directly to a program reaching the needs of the homeless or protecting our environment.

Tillie the Frog Rib-bit up

Rib-bit up!

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